Locally Farmed, Organically Shot, Preservative free-USA MTB

You’re looking at about 7 years of good ‘ol home-grown USA-organic MTB media (no preservatives) with one goal of delivering quality SENDS and meaningful, nutrient dense MTB socials snackables to keep the home team motivated to ride, engaged in the community, and prepared for lift-off… when it’s go time.


Not content to post run of the mill gnar & action shots, we set out to get back to basics. It’s about time to not only highlight US MTB in all it’s forms but create a throughout and figure out it’s story. As such, this page and site is all about the home team, where mountain biking was invented FYI, no exceptions.

We are diverse in content with the primary goal for anything that’s published being to provide value to our subscribers & visitors. Local Shredder is the name, but community is the game.

Our Media in a Nutshell

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